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Registered Nursing License

Becoming a registered nurse in California is complex, lengthy, and costly. Even though nurses are among the most essential medical workers, they commonly face disciplinary action. Every year, The California Board of Registered Nurses handles thousands of cases. So many factors could lead to suspending or revoking your nursing license in California. The most common factors include deficient record-keeping, substance abuse issues, and failure to meet the acceptable standard of care.

Often, patients have unrealistic expectations of nurses. A patient could file false accusations against you even when you fully perform your duties. On the other hand, you can make a genuine mistake only to end up facing professional discipline. It is easy to make mistakes when you work for long periods. 

Our attorneys will not judge you, regardless of how you came to face professional discipline. We will negotiate for the best outcome for your case. In substance abuse cases, we will do our best to arrange entry into a Nursing Board drug diversion program.

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