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Monterey License Attorney has expertise representing professionals before state licensing bodies. Each practitioner's presence before the board is an opportunity to validate best practices or mitigate harmless mistakes. Our extensive expertise provides us with intimate knowledge of the people and processes that govern licensing hearings, which is crucial to successfully representing licensed professions. An alleged infringement is not usually reported to the licensing board first. Many cases begin as criminal allegations and swiftly escalate into parallel investigations, including state or federal criminal courts and the Boards. Monterey License Attorney handles both investigations and employs the best professionals to analyze patient records, billing data, and impairment issues.

Negin Yamini

An experienced litigator and trained trial lawyer, Negin Yamini has devoted the last 12 years of her practice to representing licensees facing disciplinary actions by licensing agencies throughout California. Negin’s first and foremost goal is to protect the reputations and livelihoods that these professionals have worked so hard to garner. Whether the alleged violation is substantive or only technical, and whether the requested sanction is only a private reprimand or outright revocation, Negin fights hard to ensure the best possible outcome for her client. From the inception of the case, Negin identifies the holes in the licensing board’s position, plans a methodical and rigorous defense accordingly, and memorializes all facts favorable to her client in a detailed and comprehensive mitigation packet. This approach has led to many favorable outcomes that have solidified Negin’s reputation amongst various licensing boards as a zealous advocate and a ferocious opponent.

Examples of Negin’s most recent accomplishments are the following:

  • Dismissal –after an administrative law hearing--of an accusation with 28 counts of child abuse alleged against a day care operator;
  • Dismissal—after an administrative law hearing—of an accusation with one count of sexual assault against an optometrist;
  • Reinstatement of probation of a respiratory therapist license after the Board sought to revoke probation alleging prior criminal conviction and dishonesty;
  • Public reprimand of a nurse’s BRN license after the Board’s attempted revocation due to substance abuse;
  • Public reprimand of a nurse’s BRN license after the Board’s attempted revocation due to allegations of gross negligence and incompetence;
  • Reinstatement of a sales license, after an administrative law hearing. Said license was previously revoked due to a recent federal criminal conviction and significant prison sentence;
  • Dismissal—after an administrative law hearing—of an accusation with two counts of negligence and gross incompetence alleged against a respiratory therapist.
  • Probation—after an administrative law hearing--for a registered nurse after the Board’s attempted revocation due to allegations of child abuse and sexual assault.
  • Obtaining an MD license—after an administrative law hearing—for a resident whose license was being denied by the CA Medical Board due to allegations of negligence and gross incompetence.

The above results showcase Negin’s conscientious lawyering, masterful trial skills, and tenaciousness in acquiring the best possible result. For Negin, you are not just a licensee with a license number, but a professional whose accomplishments, dignity, and self-respect must be protected against a routine and debasing bureaucracy. No matter the odds or the egregiousness of the allegations against you, Negin will bring to light your humanity and accomplishments as a professional—a tactic that can and does lead to great outcomes.

Negin is a summa cum laude graduate of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she received honors and awards—i.e., the prestigious American Dream Fellowship-- for her academic achievements. Negin graduated from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. There, too, Negin was recognized for her accomplishments via the much coveted Tony Patino Fellowship.

A Committed License Defense Attorney

Monterey License Attorney is a specialized law firm with in-depth knowledge of particular practice areas, managed by a team of devoted, experienced attorneys and serving a wide range of professions throughout California. You worked too hard, spent too much time training, and put too much money into your career and professional license to have it suspended or canceled without a struggle.

We at Monterey License Attorney exist for one reason: to defend your professional license from any disciplinary proceedings that the applicable license-issuing body or agency could initiate against it.

We understand how to help you fight hard against "the system" and how to secure the best possible outcome for a given set of circumstances, whether that is a dismissal of the claims threatening your professional license or a favorable plea deal that lessens the impact of the complaint brought against you.

We Value Every Client

We always put the client first at the Monterey License Attorney. Our clients' complete fulfillment with our services is our ongoing measure of success. We put ourselves in your place, are motivated by a vital concern for how a prospective board action will affect you and your profession, and treat you with all the respect and dignity we would wish to be treated with if our roles were reversed.

When you contact us, we take the time to pay close attention to you and understand your circumstances, goals, and needs. We then share our understanding of the process with you and instantly begin developing suitable, practical methods for safeguarding your license and credibility.

We provide a free, no-obligation, and completely confidential initial consultation. And we are timely with call-backs, usually returning your call within twenty-four to forty-eight hours if feasible. We can schedule to meet with you personally to discuss your issue, even on weekends and evenings if necessary.

We make every effort to communicate with you in a simple, clear, and unambiguous manner during the consultation and after to assist you in better comprehending your legal challenge. However, we do not expect you to handle the complicated legal complexities involved in the defense process - that is our area of competence.

We promise to stand up for you every step of the way, doing all that is legally possible to safeguard your license and financial future. We have many happy clients from all around California and a wide range of occupations who can attest to how well we have kept that commitment.

We Understand The Value Of Your Professional License

Doctors, nurses, lawyers, architects, accountants, real estate professionals, dentists, and other occupations require licenses. Specific professional boards, commissions, or agencies issue licenses for each profession. This regulatory body also establishes continuing education requirements, ethical standards, professional investigative procedures, suspensions, revocations, and other disciplinary measures.

Once you obtain your license, you can assume you will always have it. However, most occupations have numerous regulations and standards that must be met regularly. If the governing body learns that you breached a professional code, whether an ethical, safety, or educational requirement, you could be subjected to an investigation and discipline. You have the right to consult an attorney during this process.

Immediately you learn that the regulatory body of your profession is investigating you, you ought to reach a professional attorney at Monterey License Attorneys. We have many years of experience with administrative matters in various California professions.

We Can Help You Beat False Accusations

Everyone has a constitutional right to practice their profession. We understand how terrible it is for someone to lose or have that right restricted in any way. The right to earn a living is a property right the state should not take away without due process of law. Monterey License Attorney investigates, researches, and prosecutes all issues present to offer our clients the best opportunity to continue their practice while ensuring due process.

Not only must licensed professionals maintain their qualifications, but they must also deal with the increasing litigiousness of patients, other medical professionals, and third parties.

Complaints against a professional can be paralyzing, particularly when required to defend against claimed breaches before different Boards. The Board functions as both a prosecutor and a jury, completing investigations like a prosecutor does while simultaneously analyzing evidence and determining guilt or innocence like a jury. Many attorneys are unaware of the peculiarities of each board, the internal operations of the Attorney General's Office, and the intricacies of the Administrative Procedure Act. At Monterey License Attorney, we are familiar with all these procedures.

We Understand That Different Professional Boards Have Different Rules

It is critical to understand that each business or profession's regulating board, commission, or agency has its own regulations, rules, administrative procedures, paperwork, and customs. In California, each governing body is given authority by unique statutes. These regulating organizations are then granted the authority to develop their regulations, which licensed professionals must observe or face professional disciplinary action.

If you are the subject of an investigation or disciplinary proceeding by your professional board, you should consult an experienced attorney familiar with your field. Your attorney should be knowledgeable about California law and the regulations of the regulatory body.

You should also be aware that an investigation by your profession's regulatory organization is not similar to a criminal investigation. However, the claims leveled against you could amount to a crime. If this is the case, the board or agency will contact the police. In these situations, it is also beneficial for you if your attorney has criminal defense experience so that he or she can address any prospective law enforcement investigation.

Administrative law governs the board's investigation and any disciplinary action. The Administrative Code of California establishes the rules and regulations for controlling boards, commissions, and agencies. You need a professional attorney who understands your Administrative Code rights and options, including whether you have the right to a formal hearing.

Our Sound Advice Will Save You Time And Money

When you receive notice of an inquiry or a complaint against you that could impact your professional license, seeking reliable counsel on what to do and what not to do as soon as possible is critical. We at Monterey License Attorney will provide you with that crucial guidance as soon as possible based on our extensive practical expertise.

For example, if you have been advised of an ongoing investigation into your past professional conduct, you should not speak to a board investigator privately. Anything you say to an investigator could be used against you later on or at least limit your defense options. Always consult with an attorney first, and have your attorney communicate with the investigator instead.

Furthermore, the sooner you contact an attorney, the better because it is usually possible to negotiate with the licensing board and address issues without going through an administrative hearing. However, this is only possible if you move quickly enough. In addition, resolving problems early on can save you time, money, and your license.

With You At Every Step Of The Way

We can manage these situations successfully if a hearing or trial is required. We will not be afraid to demand your rights and identify flaws in the evidence presented against you.

Several factors will determine the specific process you go through. The factors include your license type, the type of accusation, which hearing judge and prosecutor are working on your case, and the time and nature of steps taken in your defense. However, administrative hearings handled by licensing authorities are not the same as regular court cases. The standards of evidence and procedural norms differ, and you do not want to rely on an attorney unfamiliar with your profession.

We will continue to fight for your future during the hearing if required. It could be possible to dismiss an allegation or, at the very least, reduce the suggested professional discipline to a citation and fine. In rare situations, the citation could be kept private rather than publicly displayed on the licensing board's website. Each case is unique, and we do not approach them in a one-size-fits-all manner. We evaluate the details and apply our legal knowledge, experience, and creativity to obtain the best possible outcome.

We Will Not Give Up On You

Often, a professional served with a notice of investigation can feel helpless and wonder whether all they can do is ignore it and allow "the unavoidable result" to catch up with them in due time. Remember that anyone can file a complaint. However, proving it is another story.

Other times, individuals feel like contesting only suspensions and ignoring citations, believing it is not worth the time and effort to have them erased. However, we have successfully averted or had several citations deleted, and having one on your record can harm your image and drive your prospective clients away.

In addition, if your license is placed on probation, we can create a solid case for you throughout the minimum probationary period, perhaps reducing the severity of the board's actions.

Another circumstance in which people give up is when a request for a professional license is initially denied or delayed for an extended period. At Monterey License Attorney, we have helped many clients have their licenses granted by acquiring additional credentials and submitting additional paperwork.

When dealing with a California professional licensing board, keep two things in mind. First, they are not on your side. Second, they are not out to get you. They are meant to safeguard the public, but most board members and hearing judges recognize that anyone can commit a mistake. They can be lenient if your matter is handled correctly, and they are confident the mistake will not occur again. Boards are also aware of how common false claims are and how simple they are to make. However, you will need the assistance of an experienced attorney to persuade them that this is what transpired in your specific case.

Veteran License Attorneys

We are seasoned California attorneys dedicated to professional license defense and finding creative solutions when regulatory issues affect you. We are deeply committed to assisting our clients. We take your capacity to practice very seriously, often involving many issues, complex strategies, and thorough attention to detail. We understand that when your livelihood is jeopardized, nothing is more important to you and will be more important to us. We take pleasure in giving each client the personalized attention and dedication required to achieve his or her objectives. Our clients commonly express how easy it is to communicate with our attorneys.

We understand how these boards and agencies operate, from accusations through notification and every aspect of the administrative hearing and appeal process. We receive numerous requests to speak and write about nursing law, healthcare regulations, healthcare ethics, and licensure defense. With a collective background in litigation and senior-level enforcement, you can be confident that your attorney possesses the competence and industry-specific knowledge to push for the most favorable outcome in every hearing or courtroom. Don't take a chance that could jeopardize your work and future.

Find a License Defense Attorney Near Me

Experienced representation in any disciplinary or regulatory hearing should be considered an investment in the time it took to establish your practice. Unlike other law firms, Monterey License Attorney focuses on administrative or regulatory law and has been preserving professional licenses in California for decades. All of our attorneys appreciate the intricacies of this type of representation. We are committed to learning and staying current to assist our clients better. If your professional license is at risk, contact us at 831-296-1191 to speak to one of our attorneys.



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