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Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians License

As a pharmacist or pharmacist technician, the nature of your work exposes you to the risk of losing your professional license. If you make an error and issue the wrong medication, you could suffer other administrative disciplinary action on top of the license suspension.

Obtaining your pharmacist license took many hours of hard work, perseverance, and paying licensing fees. The charges of unprofessional behavior, drug abuse, wrongful prescription practices, false record keeping, and insurance fraud could quickly put your license at risk.

Do not keep quiet and wait for your fate as the licensing board investigates your case. You should not make the mistake of failing to appear to challenge the citation or the license suspension at the administrative hearing. You must act quickly within the strict time limits. Our attorneys at Monterey License Attorney understand the process of defending your license. We will help you prepare for the administrative hearing and represent you during the hearing. Our attorneys will go out of their way to protect your license and career.

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